Pastor & Staff

Steven and Faith Marquart


Pastor and Sis. Marquart have their beginning at LWC even getting engaged at the altar in the church in mid-2007 and have served the church in various capacities since they got married in late 2007 at LWC. They have been involved in several ministries over the past 13 years including Sunday School Teachers, youth staff, Assistant Youth Pastor, Youth Pastor, Music Director, Executive Assistant to the Pastor, Assistant Pastor and now serve in the role of Pastor beginning August 2020.  

Pastor Steven Marquart was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM graduating from college in 2003 with his Associate degree and from ExCell through TBC with his Associates degree in ministry. Pastor Marquart has a passion for souls, Bible Studies, and genuinely loves people. He has constantly grown in ministry challenging himself first obtaining his General License with the UPCI and is currently pursuing his Ordination with the UPCI.

Sis Faith Marquart was born in Connecticut and raised in Maine. She attended Bible School in 2000 and went back home to serve her local church body. Sis. Marquart moved to Rio Rancho in 2007. Sis Marquart has her A.S. in Business Administration Management, her B.S. in Human Resource Management, and her Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership. Sis. Marquart currently serves as the church’s music director as well as assisting in several other facets of ministry.

Both Pastor and Sis Marquart are honored to serve the saints of LWC and the community around them. We hope you feel welcomed as you visit LWC and that you choose to make LWC your church home.

Jesse and Hollie Medina

Spanish Ministry

Brother Jesse Medina was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico.  He immigrated to the United States in 1974 where he lived in the Los Angeles area.  He later moved to San Luis Obispo, CA.
Sister Hollie Medina was born in Michigan and moved as a teenager to California.  She lived in the Los Angeles area and moved to Morro Bay, CA.  She and Jesse met in 1980 in San Luis Obispo.  They moved back to the Los Angeles area in late 1980.

1981 was an eventful year for the Medinas.  They attended a revival service at an Apostolic Church in Pomona, CA where they had an encounter with the Lord.  They married in November 1981 and were baptized a month later in the Name of Jesus. Their first son was born in 1981 as well.  

Brother Medina was ordained into the ministry in 1989 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  In 1990, the Medinas moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to assist in starting a church in the city.  After serving as the Assistant Pastor for several years, they moved to take a position as Pastor in Taos, NM, successfully building a congregation in the city.  In 2003 the Medinas moved to Rio Rancho, NM so Sister Medina could complete her degree at the University of New Mexico.  It was at that time they joined the Living Word Church family.

Sis. Medina earned an Associate Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor Degree in Business Management.  The Medinas work in the Spanish Ministry with Living Word Church, serving the Hispanic population of Rio Rancho and the surrounding areas.  Sister Medina works at the University of New Mexico.  They have five children and two granddaughters.

Phillip and Maria Renteria

Children's Ministry

Bro. Phillip M. Renteria was born in Albuquerque, NM. Served in the Armed Forces USMC where he had an experience with the Lord in Okinawa, Japan. Shortly after his experience, he made a huge step of faith and was baptized in Jesus name, within weeks he received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Bro. Renteria always holds dear his experience of conversion in Jacksonville, NC under the pastorship of Rev. & Sis. James Gilbert.

4 days after being honorably discharged from military, Bro. Renteria went to Texas Bible College in Houston, Tx. where he received a Bachelor's of Theology. After Graduation at TBC, Bro. Renteria returned to Albuquerque, NM where he attended LWC in Rio Rancho, NM. He served as youth leader. Shortly after he met his future wife sister Maria.

Sister Maria J. Renteria was born in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico. At the age of 7 she moved to Corona, NM were she was raised and finished high School. She attended Roswell College of Cosmetology in Roswell, NM where received her Cosmetology License. One of Sis. Renteria's most joyful moments was receiving her US citizenship naturalization.

Sister Renteria moved to Albuquerque, NM, while working at MCI she was witness too and received a bible study from a young man. She received the Holy Ghost at a ladies meeting in Santa Fe, NM. and was baptized in Jesus name at LWC.

Bro. & Sister Renteria Served as youth leaders at LWC, Sunday School Teachers, Bus Ministry, Prison Ministry, Bible Quizzing, and Bro. Renteria as a local minister. Bro. & Sis. Renteria are thankful to be foster parents and for all the children that have been a great part of their lives.  

Bro. & Sis. Renteria were approved to start a home mission work in the South Valley of Albuquerque, NM.  Bro. Renteria pastored this church for over seven years. Sis. Renteria led the music ministry and made a beautiful melody to the Lord. Bro. & Sister Renteria also served as Sectional 6 Youth Leader.

Bro. & Sister Renteria's have three children, 2 sons and one daughter. they currently serve at LWC as part of the ministry and Children's Church Ministry. They are humbled and thankful for the great fellowship of the brethren and sisters. Bro. & Sis. Renteria thank the One and Only True Wise God, Jesus Christ to whom be all glory and honor for ever and ever.

Elias and Joanna Hernandez

ExCell Ministry

Rev. Elias Hernández and Rev. Joanna Hernández met during a prayer service at Living Word Church and married mid-2009. They have been involved both individually and as a couple in different ways throughout their years at Living Word Church.

Rev. Elias Hernández was born in the Dominican Republic but immigrated to the US in 2009. Bro. Hernández is a graduate of the ExCell Bible College Program and is a General Licensed Minister with the UPCI. Bro. Hernández currently serves as a member of the Ministerial Staff and as a Musician for Living Word Church. In the past, he has served in other roles at LWC including Bible College Professor, Bible Quizzing Coach, Choir, Custodian, Youth Pastor, and Youth Staff. In his spare time, he also enjoys ministering as a Latino Christian Artist.

Rev. Joanna Hernández was born and raised in South Carolina but came to Rio Rancho and Living Word Church in 2008. Sis. Hernández has an Associate’s Degree in Christian Ministry from Texas Bible College and is a Local Licensed UPCI minister. She currently serves as the Director of Living Word Church’s ExCell Bible College Program (accredited via Texas Bible College). In the past, she has also served in other roles at LWC including Bible College Professor, Bible Quizzing Coach, Choir, Praise Team, Sunday School and Youth Staff.

Bro. and Sis. Hernández feel blessed to serve LWC and have a passion to preach the whole Gospel to the whole world.

Evan and Natalee Mendoza

Youth Pastor

Reverend Evan J. Mendoza has been a member of Living Word Church since 2001.  Attending Living Word Christian Academy and the ExCell program through Texas Bible College, he has acquired his Associates Degree in Theology.  He began the Ministerial Program 2011 and has been a Licensed Minister through the United Pentecostal Church International since 2018, as well as a standing member of the Deacon Board. Bro. Mendoza has been the Sunday Praise leader since 2015, and actively a part of Music Ministry since 2011.

Sister Natalee J. Mendoza first became a member of LWC in 2012. Coming from a small town in Texas, she grew up in a Pastor’s home where she cultivated her skills of singing and playing instruments. She teaches Sunday School and leads the Choir as a Choir Director under the leadership of the Music Director.

Both Bro. Mendoza and Sis. Mendoza fill the roles of leading teens and young adults in our assembly. As such, providing teachings, activities, and an outlet for young people to express themselves. He and his wife have been working closely with Youth and Hyphen Ministries as Youth Pastors since 2019, and Assistant Youth Pastors since 2014.

Ethan and Mikela Dunn

Local Minister

Bro. Dunn is the newest member of the ministry at Living Word Church.  He received his ministerial license in June of 2020.  

He and Sis. Dunn live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and serve at Living Word Church in Rio Rancho, New Mexico as with the Hyphen group, and are actively involved in Music Ministry.

Justin and Casey Newcomb

Local Minister

Bro. Justin Newcomb, originally from Albuquerque, moved to Houston, TX as a child. While attending University of Houston to study architecture, God led him out of the world into a life with Him. It was also in Houston where he met his wife, Casey. Sis. Casey Newcomb was born and raised in church has been singing as long as she can remember.

Shortly after they got married, they moved to Nacogdoches, TX. There they served faithfully in various ministries. Together they taught all ages of Sunday school and took on various special projects such as special decorations and graphic design. During their time there Bro. Newcomb ran the sound, preached when called upon and started a thriving men’s ministry. Sis. Newcomb served faithfully in the music ministry, the churches private school and could always be found serving behind the scenes.

When they felt the desire to move out to New Mexico, they found LWC and felt right at home. Since coming to LWC in 2018 they both serve on the praise team, choir, youth committee and have taught Bible studies. Justin is a Wednesday night praise leader; he directs the sound and livestream team and is one of our ExCell instructors. Casey currently serves on the Ladies Hostess team and head book nerd at the church’s bookstore and as assistant treasurer.

Together they have a passion to reach and minister to both those that have never heard the Gospel as well as those that have been in church their entire life.